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The most striking feature of Butte, Montana is not the Berkely Pit or the massive hillsides scarred by a hundred years of mining.  It isn't the East Ridge, the Highland Mountains to the south or the Anaconda Mountains to the west.  They inspire and awe us, but the most striking features of Butte are the spiritual strongholds here.  If any one word describes Butte's spiritual condition it is "dark".  Butte is very, very dark in a spiritual sense.  The city takes its name from Big Butte that anchors the northwest corner of town.  Before gold was discovered here and the white man came to dig it, the Native Americans of Southwest Montana called Big Butte "The Evil Mountain".  If a native wished to suicide he would climb The Evil Mountain and there take his last look at life.  That image matches well the spiritual state of this city. The spiritual strongholds of the enemy are very strong here and that is why we covet your prayers for us.  The spiritual warfare associated with planting this new church and doing ministry here is very heavy.  Since moving here in July 2007 Pastor John and Ruth have been under constant spiritual attack.  Please check the Pray for Us page and join us in doing battle with the enemy.   Of course, we are also in need of resources for the work so there is also a page that will tell you how to donate financially, if the Lord leads you to do so.