A Letter From Pastor John

 Dear Friend,

It is our hope that this web site will provide you with the information you need to decide whether this new church plant called Living Water Fellowship is for you. Reading through our Statement of Faith and our Distinctives will help you, but good doctrines and a well thought out vision doesn’t really give you the whole picture of what Living Water Fellowship is all about. Since we’re a new plant and aren’t yet holding services you can’t visit one of our meetings to "get a feel" for what kind of church we are. I hope to help with that a little with this letter.

If you looked at our Ministry Team page I’m sure you noticed that my son, JC, has joined us as Assistant Pastor. Many years ago, when JC was still a small boy, we were part of a church that had a very similar vision to what we are proposing for Living Water Fellowship. In that church, especially in our small groups, deep, Spirit-led ministry happened. There was real, loving fellowship between everyone there. When someone new came to the group they were welcomed with unconditional love. We saw God heal both physically and emotionally and the gifts of the Holy Spirit flowed freely. In our own lives it was a very difficult period, and God used our "Kinship Group" to work much healing in us and pull us out of the pit that life had dumped us into. That was twenty years ago, and in all that time, we have not found any place of Christian fellowship to compare with what we had then.

What if…you had a church family where unconditional love was really, truly offered freely? What if…you were part of a small group and church where the power of God was really, truly present to heal and work miracles? What if…the leaders of your church really, truly sought the leading of the Holy Spirit when making decisions? What if…church, whether in Sunday service or in your weekly small group, was a safe place where you really, truly were healed, trained and prepared for doing ministry? All of these things are possible. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experienced it in my own life. It can happen again and this is the heart and soul of Living Water Fellowship and what we want it to become.

Our vision is to see the strongholds of the enemy that have been built in Butte, Montana come tumbling down. It will happen as we heal and restore the ruined lives those strongholds are built on – one person at a time. It will happen as we hand to others cups of living water by loving them unconditionally and sacrificially.

Is this your heart’s desire? Does this express something of what you have always been looking for in a church? Then come join us. If you are called to an increased level of ministry, then talk to us about being on our team. If you are looking for a church home then contact us and let’s talk. (We will start meetings as soon as God gives us the go-ahead.)

May God bless you today.

In Christ,

Pastor John


Walk in the Spirit ~ Listen to His voice ~ Read His word ~ Do the work of the Kingdom