“Let Us Break Their Bonds In Pieces…”

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Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.

I am greatly concerned for America.  The Dragon's head of anti-Christian socialism is raising its head over our land and it is questionable whether we will succeed in stopping its juggernaut.  The proponents of socialism are virulent in their hatred of anything that would restrain them, be it a national constitution that holds back the oppression they so desire to force on us, or Christian people quietly standing for righteousness.  They seek to break off every restraint.  It is indeed a scary thing, for if they succeed America will descend into anarchic barbarism and civil war, and the rule of law will cease.  The hope of the world for freedom and liberty will disappear from the face of our planet.

 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; He shall hold them in derision.

 America is indeed the "Hope of the World" as nations go.  Only here, in America, is religious and political freedom lived out in reality.  Yet we are mistaken to place our hope in America.  America is on the edge of falling!  By God's grace and through our prayers (and repentance) we may yet save her, but our hope is and must be placed in God.  God laughs at the antics of those who would throw off His restraints.  He holds them in derision.  Why?  He laughs because He knows His plans and purposes.  He knows that anything these proponents of oppression do will only further His goals.  He laughs at the irony that all the efforts of His enemies should work toward accomplishing His will.  All is already said and done.  All has already been determined and, rage though they will, what God wants to happen will happen.

I have set My King on My holy hill

 God rules!  It is in His sovereignty and overwhelming strength and power that we place our hope!  We find peace in knowing that the only and all-powerful God is for us, even as we look at the growing chaos around us.  He has decreed that He is for us and will care for us!  Indeed, if our beloved nation does fall and chaos comes to reign where peace once flourished, our hope will still be in Him.  We can rest easy because we can trust that all things will work out as He has designed it.

He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.

 ***Scriptures are from Psalm 2:3,4,6 and 23:2


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