Our Mission and Values

Every Christian church can be said to have the same mission -- reaching the world for Christ.  We share the same system of values that flow from the Bible.  Yet God, like a General directing a war, assigns specific tasks to different squads (churches).  Each squad has its own character.  One may be a rough & tumble bunch of warriors who love to go in with guns blazing.  Another may prefer the surgical sneak attack.  Every church has a distinctive flavor and our General gives us each assignments that reflect the things that distinguish us.  Below is the mission statement and a short list of some of the values that make Living Water Fellowship unique.

At Living Water Fellowship our mission is to bring down the kingdom of darkness in Butte.  We will do this by bringing the living water of faith in Christ to those who don't know Him and by administering His healing to souls and bodies that have been twisted by the enemy.  Some of the things we value most are:

  • The promotion of strong, godly families.

  • The free and orderly operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12.

  • Righteous lifestyles that do not compromise with the ways of the world.

  • All-out zeal for Christ. 

  • Fellowship based on freely given, unconditional love.